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Interview with Tim Elmore

The following is a Q & A exchange between Dr. Tim Elmore and me.
I had the privilege of connecting with Tim when a mutual friend introduced us after seeing I had recommended his book, Generation iY, and I am thrilled he has agreed to share his insights with us.

When I think about how quickly the world is changing for ourselves and our students, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Our current technological and social trends present a new array of possibilities and pitfalls that require us to be both innovative and creative.

Tim Elmore helps navigate this brave new world. He is a great resource for school leaders, parents, or students who want to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of reaching this generation of young people. Continue reading

Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

If you are like me, you want school leadership to be about inspiring or encouraging others to reach shared goals. So often, motivational leadership also requires managing complicated situations or people.
Over the years, I have begun to learn practical skills in dealing with people who are upset, angry, or just plain mean.

I don’t always do it correctly, but I believe with practice, anyone can learn to maximize the potential of finding solutions in conflicts.

Whether you face challenging people on a daily basis, or only occasionally, here are some tips I have learned from my own experience as well as watching others who consistently manage difficult people: Continue reading

Interview with Jon Gordon

The following is a Q & A exchange between Jon Gordon and me.


Jon Gordon, Author/Consultant

The first time I heard Jon Gordon speak was at a principal’s conference in Oklahoma City. A year later, he came and addressed our school district’s opening meeting.

Jon has the uncanny ability of connecting with any crowd, and his message resonates well with anyone interested in personal growth. I love how his ideas motivate teamwork and optimism. His books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. Continue reading

Interview with Mona Smith

The following is a Q & A exchange between Mona Smith and me.

National picture

Mona Smith, 2013 Oklahoma Assistant Principal of the Year

Mona Smith is the 2013 Oklahoma Assistant Principal of the Year. When I first met her, I was struck by her insight into school improvement and her relentless commitment to at-risk students. As an “A” school, Glenpool High School has seen dramatic improvement in their test scores. Leading alongside Principal Jerry Olansen and their great teachers and staff, Mona has played a large part in influencing these improvements.

This spring she will represent Oklahoma at the NASSP Assistant Principal of the Year awards ceremony in Washington D.C. I am very excited she agreed to share her insights on school leadership. Continue reading