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10 Lessons on Leadership from Seabiscuit

I recently finished listening to the unabridged audio-version of Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit. seabiscuit A biography about a famous racehorse, the story also centers on the lives of three men whom Seabiscuit involves in a network of drama, suspense, defeat, and triumph.

Not only was the story mesmerizing, but also it contained many life lessons for leaders or anyone interested in personal growth or improvement for their team, school, or organization. Continue reading

5 Ways To Maintain Sanity During Stressful Times

This past spring, as I transitioned from assistant principal to principal, I began to wonder if I had made the right decision.

As the school year closed, and my former principal departed, I found myself wrapping up many of my former responsibilities while simultaneously managing my new ones. In essence, I found that in the short term, I would be doing two jobs at once.

Suddenly, my sense of control began to melt away as my list of “to do’s” seemed to grow longer and longer. Eventually, I found myself in the same place I had nine years earlier as an assistant principal and ten years before that as a new teacher. Frankly, my plate was full and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. Continue reading

And Then I Met A Teacher

He met a teacher, and it changed everything.

red_apple Jim Wengo was fresh out of high school when he started working at the local butcher shop. But his high school agriculture teacher, John Krivokapish, had other plans for him. When he heard of an area college work study program for those who could score well on a civil service exam, Mr. Krivokapish walked into the butcher store and told Jim’s boss he needed to borrow him for a couple of hours.

Removing the blood stained apron, Jim followed his teacher to the local college where he took an exam on the spot. That test resulted in Jim’s opportunity to begin college. Continue reading

Interview with Jeet Banerjee

The following is a Q & A between Jeet Banerjee and me.


Jeet Banerjee

Some people have the gifts, talents, drive, and open doors to accomplish more in a few short years than others do in a lifetime. Jeet Banerjee is an inspirational young man who has done just that.

Not only does his company StatFuse provide great resources for high school students looking for innovative ways to apply for colleges and to find scholarships, but also he exemplifies how finding your passions can create value for others and result in a fulfilling career path. Continue reading