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Remembering Grace: Advocacy In Education

Another hat a principal must sometimes wear is that of the advocate.
I am currently visiting Washington D.C. on the part of the National Association of Secondary Principals as the state coordinator for Oklahoma.

But really I am here for my students, teachers, and school community.

This morning principals from every state will be visiting with members of Congress. And during those visits, we will try to remind our elected representatives that the laws they discuss affect real students. Continue reading

5 Lessons I Learned As a Student

Sometimes I look back at my days in school, and I am amazed that I ended up becoming a teacher and principal.
During eighth grade, my Language Arts teacher, Ms. Owen, told me she wanted to make a deal with me. She said that she would buy me my favorite candy bar at the end of the school year if I stayed out of trouble till then.

I thought this sounded like a pretty fair deal, and I made good progress until late into the year. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Documentation Is Still A Good Leadership Tool

This week I have spent a lot of time with to-do lists as well as pulling together with my team members to coordinate important end-of-school-year activities.
If you are leading a school, organization, or a team, you know the challenges of staying on track with the your seemingly endless list of to-do’s. You also know the importance of everyone being on the same page in reaching goals.

Whether it is end-of-the year procedures or mapping out enrollment, documentation is a simple tool that plays a strategic role in reaching goals.

Like the homing pigeon, it may sometimes seem an outdated tool, but here are 7 reminders of why documentation is still important for school leaders: Continue reading