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Supporting Oklahoma Education

This has been a tough week for Oklahoma public education: Yesterday a bill moved out of committee to the full state senate that would legalize vouchers. If passed, this would allow public funds to be used by private schools. Earlier this week a bill was proposed that would cut funding for AP US History classes.

It seems that no matter how much education funding has been cut from Oklahoma’s budget over the past few years, the state legislature is determined to divert more of it to special interests while ignoring the schools that educate the greatest percentage of our state’s children.

Some Reasons To Hope
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Encouraging A Culture Of Acceptance

Last Friday our basketball teams played at home. Unfortunately, we lost both varsity games. But the night was not a loss.

Tulsa World Photo

Tulsa World Photo

At half time, our athletic directors introduced a team of student athletes who had returned with medals from their Special Olympics games.

The student section and cheerleaders created a human tunnel for them to run through. As each name was called, a boy or girl would run through the tunnel or be wheeled through by a proud mom or dad.

They stood in center court, smiles beaming, hands waving at the crowd. It was their moment, and the entire crowd gave them a standing ovation. Continue reading

What is Motivation By Wonder? How It Changes The Way You Work

A friend who is also a reader asked me the other day to explain to him what I meant by being motivated by wonder.


Wonder of Art, photo credit


“Motivation by purpose, I understand,” he said. “But motivation by ‘wonder’? Can you tell me what you mean by that?”

I’ve touched on these ideas in previous posts if you want more context (see here and here).

But here’s a brief summary of what was said before: People are often motivated by two main emotions: fear or pride, both of which can be negative as well as counterproductive. Continue reading