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5 Tips On Preparing For Your Next Launch

I’ve never been on a cruise ship, but I have lots of friends who tell me you couldn’t find a better vacation choice.
Although I’d love to try one, I’ll have to take their word for it. With my four children, road trips and camping are usually our most affordable choices for summer vacation.

At the same time, when others ask me what I plan to do with all the time without students at school, I’ll usually say, “Well, it’s kind of like a cruise ship. We just unloaded all the passengers, so we’ll spend the next two months stocking up, rehiring where needed, and preparing for the next voyage.” Continue reading

Honoring a Hero At This Year’s Graduation

This week is graduation at my school. Our band will play Pomp And Circumstance, our graduates will line their way into their seats, and thousands of family and friends will fill our activity center for the special event.
cap and gown photo
But one graduate will stand a part this year. His hair is gray underneath his cap, he will stand tall at 6 foot 3-inches in his red graduation gown. He is 91 years old, and would have graduated from our school in 1943.

Seventy two years ago, William C. Larkin was a high school senior at Skiatook High School when he answered the call to leave his home by volunteering to serve his country during World War II. As a result, he missed his last year of high school. Continue reading

Need Some Inspiration?

As we wrap up the last days of our school year, it helps me to keep things in perspective so I wanted to share the following video clip of one of my favorite educators, the late Rita Pierson. If you’ve seen Rita Pierson’s TedTalk before, watch it again to be re-inspired.

If you haven’t seen it, click on it right now to remind yourself why you are an educator. Continue reading

Thank You For Being Givers

Yesterday I was privileged to hear one our senior boys do a presentation at a neighboring school. Jesse Haynes is a recently published author of young adult fiction.

Jesse Haynes, student and author

Jesse Haynes, student and author

He was talking to groups of middle school students about his experience setting goals and publishing a book.

He also told them that his greatest inspiration for writing came from his 4th grade teacher. “I don’t know if you ever think about it,” he said, “But teachers give up a large part of their lives to prepare us for the rest of our lives.”

Wow, I thought. What a fitting tribute to the inspiring influence teachers have on students!

This week is Teacher Appreciation for many schools across North America. At our school, we’ve been thanking our teachers with yummy meals and treats. But no gift seems to be good enough for the kind of sacrifice teachers give every day in and out of the classroom. Continue reading