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The Importance of Public Relations: 4 Tips

I know a lot of people who love Chick-fil-A because of the quality of their food and service.
If you’ve eaten there, you know how friendly they are to customers, you’ve seen the fresh flowers on the tables, and you know how much better their chicken tastes than other fast food options.

As a school leader, it is easy to forget how lessons in marketing, public relations, or customer service also improve school climates. A couple of weeks ago, our district leadership team sat down with a Public Relations consultant, Jeremy C. Burton, who manages PR at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

ORU has seen an upward surge in enrollment, ehancements, and development over the past few years, and positive PR has been played an important role for promoting their brand. I wanted to pass along four points Burton made in his talk and add some of my own comments along the way. Continue reading

Transformative Principal Interview, Part 2

Even with the rewarding moments of of being educators, I’m not sure I can imagine an occupation (unless it’s customer service reps or pastoring) that involves the inevitability of dealing with difficult situations or people. Slide1

In Part 2 of my conversation with Jethro Jones on his great podcast Transformative Principal, we take a deep-dive into the nitty gritty of managing tough conversations.

If you’re like me, you never look forward to those moments. But I’m sure you also have learned practical steps over time for minimizing some of the stress. Continue reading

Transformative Principal Interview, Part 1

Sometimes it is both challenging and encouraging to reflect on why you do what you do.
Slide1 Serving others can be both rewarding and disappointing at the same time, but there are lessons we learn along the way that help us grow.

This past week I was a guest on the podcast Transformative Principal, hosted by Principal Jethro Jones. We talked about the release of my book, Principal Matters and shared stories about our own experiences and lessons in school leadership.

The interview was posted in two parts, and this week I wanted share highlights from Part 1 (Episode 75). Click on the image or this link to listen. Continue reading

Elementary, My Dear Watson: 8 Solutions for Oklahoma Lawmakers

Educators face many similar challenges throughout the United States and across the world. This week, however, I want to address some issues close to home. Perhaps they will apply to other states as well.
Twenty-one years ago, I was a new teacher. Like any new venture, my first year was a tough one. My second was better. And by my third year, I felt like I was finding my groove.

However, it did not take me long to realize that other teachers who were flourishing in the profession were often leaving it for other work or moving out of state. Many were frustrated by our state’s lack of competitive wages and compensation.

As I watched, I thought, “Gee, this is not sustainable. Surely, Oklahoma lawmakers will find a solution to this problem over the next few years.” Continue reading