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4 Easy Steps For Making a Faculty Meeting Video

October is busy month for our school. In addition to regular classes, softball and volleyball regionals as well as football games, we just hosted after-school parent conferences.

As I was also working on the state accreditation report, I realized a scheduled faculty meeting was happening the same day as conferences. So I decided it was time for something innovative: a faculty meeting video*.
(*This 1-minute edited version is a sample of the 11-minute one I shared with our teachers.) Continue reading

A Moment For Gratitude

Saturday I was up early to drive my fourteen-year-old daughter to band practice at the school.

Image credit: Stephen Bowler, Creative Commons

Image credit: Stephen Bowler, Creative Commons

On our way, the pink fingers of clouds were stretching hellos from the eastern horizon, misty clouds were rising from the fields and ponds, and my daughter was rubbing makeup on her pretty complexion while she peered into the sunshade’s mirror.

When she was safely dropped off, I came home and sautéed onions in an iron skillet, and scrambled in some eggs and cheese. After breakfast, my wife Missy and I went for a seven mile bike ride to the park and back. The wind was cool, the sun bright, and the day was young. Continue reading

The Power of Parent Support

When I was student teaching, I had the idealistic view that teaching alone was the most powerful way to influence the success of students.

Image source:

Image source:

Although research shows that teacher expectations significantly affect the success of students in a classroom setting, I don’t believe we can overemphasis the power of a parent’s influence in shaping how children learn.

Ruby Payne*, in her research for Framework For Understanding Poverty, identifies 8 essential resources that students must have to experience significant success in school: Continue reading