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Interview with Ruby Payne

The following is a Q & A between Ruby Payne and me.


Ruby Payne of aha! Process

Ruby Payne is the best-selling author of A Framework for Understanding Poverty. Her book and other resources have significantly affected the way teachers reach at-risk students. Her work has helped me personally in my interaction with all students by giving me a clearer perspective on the key resources students need to be successful in school or life. She is the founder of aha! Process, an organization committed to provide leadership and resources to educators who want to help students from any background find success. I am simply thrilled she has agreed to share some of her insights on school leadership with us. Continue reading

That’s What We Do In Oklahoma

I grew up in Tennessee, but I’ve lived in Oklahoma for more than twenty years now.


Teacher hugs child after tornado in Moore, Oklahoma

I will never grow used to tornadoes. Spring time here means clearing out your storm shelter or your best hidey-holes. That’s what we do in Oklahoma.

When the afternoon clouds and ominous warmth began to grow around our school building Monday afternoon, I checked the radar and realized what was heading our way within the next hour. Continue reading

Spring Time Memories

Yesterday morning I woke up thinking about my grandparents.

tomato blossom

Tomato Blossoms – Creative Commons Photo

Grandaddy was a farmer and Grandma a teacher. They lived a simple life far away from big cities or congested traffic. Gravel roads, open fields, and grazing cattle was the environment where they built their home.

Maybe it is spring time bringing back the memories, but I found myself standing in the garden with them. Grandaddy had just tilled the dark soil. In his khaki work shirt and pants, he was bent over on one knee slowing placing seeds in the fresh soil. Grandma, who never wore pants or shorts in her life, was in a sundress. She was slowly dragging the garden hose over to water the newly planted tomatoes. Continue reading

7 Ways to Show Appreciation for Teachers

A friend once told me, “One good deed is worth more than a thousand good intentions.”


Creative Commons Photos

Sometimes I am guilty of good intentions without good actions. But when it comes to appreciating others, my good intentions won’t ever let others know they’re appreciated as much as a few simple actions.

What are some simple, creative ways you can communicate appreciation to your teachers and staff?

The following tips are ideas you can employ throughout the school year to let others know they are appreciated for their hard work: Continue reading

Interview with John Dumas

The following is a Q & A exchange between John Lee Dumas and me.


John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire

A few months ago, I changed my morning commute routine from listening to daily news on the radio to listening to podcasts instead. Most of the podcasts I frequent are leadership oriented. Before long I discovered John Dumas.

Even though his show is not specific to school leaders, his interviews with business leaders are so captivating, I find myself motivated in my own work as I listen to his guests’ stories. Continue reading