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Merry Christmas!

As you enjoy the time off from your normal day-to-day routines, I hope you take time to reflect on the priorities in your life that are most meaningful.

For my family and many others, Christmas is a celebration of God’s rescue of humanity through the advent of Jesus. So we have spent this season remembering those promises and encouraging our children to remember the greatest gift of all: God’s peace with us.

Sometimes holidays are also difficult as we miss loved ones no longer here. Whether yours is blissful or bitter-sweet, I hope you take time to rest, relax, rejuvenate, and return to your place reinvigorated for the new year ahead.

I hope you enjoy the warmth of friendship, family, faith, and fulfillment this Christmas season and New Year.

Merry Christmas!

7 Hats Principals Must Be Prepared To Wear

Recently, I was asked to speak to a group of teachers who are interested in becoming school principals.
My task was to summarize some of the principal’s roles and responsibilities.

If you are a principal, I am sure you could add more to my list. If you are thinking of becoming a principal, here are seven hats I believe you should expect to wear: Continue reading

Interview with Doug Stafford

The following is a Q & A between Doug Stafford and me.
Doug Stafford is principal of Emerson Middle School in Enid, Oklahoma. He was named 2013 Oklahoma Middle School Principal of the Year.

My goal in posting interviews with successful school leaders like Doug is to inspire us to reflect on how our own choices, goals, and actions can affect our lives, our leadership, and our teams. I must also give credit to John Lee Dumas whose great podcast interview questions I have modified for the Q & A’s I have with my guests. Continue reading

8 Ways to Help Your School Manage Grief

This topic may be a little too recent to discuss with some perspective, but we recently lost a senior student in a car accident.


Image source:

She was one of our dream students: cheerleader, great student, fun-loving, and loved by all.

You can imagine the grief and remorse that gripped our school and community during this time. As painful as the time was for our school, I also watched people pull together in some beautiful ways. Continue reading