Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Common Core Debate

Lately, a lot of controversy has arisen over the implementation of Common Core standards in public schools.

A recent op-ed by George Will, and a resolution by the Oklahoma Republican Party calling for the end of Common Core demonstrate what a thorny political issue it has become.

At the same time, as I read the arguments against Common Core, it seems like many of those speaking out are failing to grasp the real challenges public schools are facing. Continue reading

6 Quick Leadership Takeaways From A Flight Through The Fog

Two weeks ago I attended the NASSP Ignite Conference in Dallas, Texas.
On my flight home, the pilot informed us that we would encounter heavy fog at the Tulsa airport. As we began descending, we were shrouded in it. I kept looking out the windows, and all I could see was the faint blinking lights on the plane’s wing. Continue reading

Dealing With Media Pressure During A Crisis

We recently mourned the heartbreaking death of a second student this school year.


She was murdered in an evening domestic dispute that resulted in a double-homocide. Her great-grandmother was also a victim.

The day after her death, we had counselors on hand for grieving students. But it was mostly a quiet, somber day. And we attempted to carry on as normally as possible. Continue reading

5 Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Acceptance

The other day, I sat in a conversation with a student and a DHS worker who had come to take her into custody.
She was no longer able to stay at her host home and would be moving back to a shelter till a new home could be found. In the meantime, she would go to a different school.

As she sat in tears listening to the news, she said to the DHS worker, “No offense, lady, but DHS has done nothing for me. I’ve been from home to home, in and out the shelter, and from school to school. This was supposed to be my fresh start.” Continue reading