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Interview with Annette Breaux

This past February, I had the pleasure of hearing Annette Breaux present at the NASSP Ignite Conference.


Annette Breaux

She is by far one of the most engaging, entertaining, and practical education speakers I have heard. She is also an avid writer who focuses on student achievement, classroom management, and new-teacher induction.

Annette is the author of at least eight books, her latest being The Ten-Minute Inservice, which she co-authored with Todd Whitaker.

My goal in posting interviews with successful leaders in education like Annette is to inspire us to reflect on how our own choices, goals, and actions can affect our lives, our leadership, and our teams. I am thrilled that Annette agreed to a Q & A for Principal Matters Continue reading

5 Spring Break Reminders

When my eight-year-old son Jack and I went camping this past weekend, we enjoyed crisp mornings, yummy food, good hikes, warm fires, and great company.
But as we finished supper Saturday night, we felt the first raindrops.

Jack sidled up next to me with his eyes cast down like he often does when he wants to say something important.

“Daddy, right now I’m sad.”
“Jack, God is in charge of the good weather and the bad. So we can find reasons to be thankful even in rain storms. Let’s pack up our stuff and head to the tent early so we can tell stories while we listen to the rain.”

Before long we were in our sleeping bags, and we swapped stories about school–Jack wanted to tell me how he raced his entire class and came in second place. I told him about the time I got a paddling from my second grade teacher “back in the day” when teachers could still spank children.

When I opened my eyes at 1 AM, I had that wide awake feeling that comes when you know something needs to be done. Continue reading

Interview With Justin Baeder

The following is a Q & A between Justin Baeder and me.


Justin Baeder

A few months ago, I was introduced to Justin first via a Twitter exchange. Soon afterwards, I discovered his free 21-Day Instructional Leadership Challenge.

Although I was not disciplined enough to do the 21-Days, I was super impressed with the instruction, content, quality and value Justin is offering to school leaders.

When he agreed to a Q & A for Principal Matters, I was thrilled. My goal in posting interviews with successful leaders like Justin is to inspire us to reflect on how our own choices, goals, and actions can affect our lives, our leadership, and our teams. Continue reading

And All That Without A Gun

I was talking to an assistant principal friend from a neighboring district who was telling me some funny stories from her middle school experience.
She said her own mom and dad like to ask her to tell stories from school. When she finishes, her dad, a retired policeman will say, “And to think you do all that without a gun.”

I don’t want to get into the politics of whether or not public educators should carry guns. I will go on record as saying I never want to carry one. Even in my younger years when I would occasionally hunt, I always felt lucky to make it back without hurting myself or someone else. I am just too forgetful and careless with a firearm to be trusted to carry one around.

But that is beside the point. Continue reading