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6 Basketball Tips For School Leadership

I am not a basketball coach, and I don’t pretend to be one on TV either.
Over the years, however, I have watched a lot of games, and sometimes I’ll still shoot baskets with my kids until my legs give out, and they’re asking me if they should call EMSA.

This summer my two older daughters participated in summer league basketball. My parental duty was to taxi them to practices or games and watch a lot of messy basketball. Continue reading

Learning To Predict School Climate

The other day my elbow was aching. I have a scar there from when I broke it falling from a horse almost twenty years ago.
When it aches, I can usually be certain the weather will turn stormy. And it did later that afternoon.

My aching elbow reminds of another story.

When I was a boy, I often helped on my Granddad’s family farm.

His brother was my Uncle Jimmy. One day Uncle Jimmy and I were driving in his pick-up truck. The windows were down, and I was hanging my arm out of it and playing in the breeze as we rumbled down the gravel roadway. Continue reading

5 Essential Ingredients For Learning (SPLAT)

I was listening to a fascinating show by Pat Flynn, blogger and podcaster who was interviewing Bryan Kelly from What The Speak on the neuroscience behind great presentations.


As I thought about the research Kelly had done on what makes great presentations, I was reminded how good teaching, leadership, or any communication include the same ingredients.

Kelly created the acronym, SPLAT, to define the five most ingredients in helping others learn.

S = Safety–creating an environment that allows for learning
P = Problem solving–helping others find solutions
L = Lectures–avoiding them and focusing on teaching instead
A = All–all audiences are visual learners
T = Talking–teaching others is one of the best ways to learn

How can these reminders help us in the school setting? Here are my 5 take-aways: Continue reading

Key Responsibility Areas Part Two

This has been a busy summer of hiring new teammates and preparing for the school year to come.


Sample Staff KRA

In one of our recent interviews, I was asked to give some feedback on some of the responsiblity areas in our office areas. So I shared some samples of our KRA’s.

Those samples provided some great feedback into the nitty-gritty of how we do school.

I have posted before about KRA’s, or Key Responsibility Areas. Since that post, I have had other requests for some examples of the KRA’s used by my team members.

So I want to share some KRA samples from my school: Continue reading

Lights From An Airplane Window

I’m sitting on a airplane above Dallas. It’s sunset and below in the misty sea of landscape, I can see patches of brown fields and green swaths of trees.

Flickr image by mbshane

Occasionally, I catch the glint of lights from buildings. In the rural landscape, a single point of yellow will stand out brightly.

I imagine the light is from a home. A solitary beacon to someone returning from a long day at work.

As we approach the city, I see more lights flickering. Rows and arteries of yellow. Dots of red. Continue reading