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30 Questions From Principal Interviews (Plus More)

A few weeks ago, some fellow administrators and I presented to an awesome group of teachers who are preparing to become admins. A great follow-up question was: “What kinds of questions can I expect in an interview for assistant principal or principal?”

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I can speak from my own experience, but I will also share a resource at the end of this post and invite input from other admins.

First of all, a little history…or the story of 6 interviews:

Interview 1
Although I have participated in over a hundred interviews to hire teachers and staff over the past ten years, I have been interviewed for administrator openings only six times. Three of those resulted in offers I filled–two as assistant principal (two different sites) and one as principal (current position). So the best examples I have for aspiring principals are the thirty questions I will share below. Continue reading

10 Tips For Interviewing For An Education Opening

As hard as it is to work through the hiring process, nothing is more important to the success of school than finding quality educators. And if you are looking for a new position, it is essential to know how to take advantage of an open door.

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Although I haven’t kept count, it is safe to day that during my more than a decade of school administration experience, I have interviewed over a hundred individuals for staff or teaching positions. I have also sat on teams interviewing for principal and director positions.

As a school administrator, I have seen many great and not-so-great interviews. Likewise, I have delivered some of both myself. Because I am a teacher at heart, I sometimes visit with candidates afterwards about ways they could improve their interview skills. Since I find myself coaching the same consistent themes, here are the 10 of them you may find helpful: Continue reading

The Power of Strong Teachers

Yesterday I participated in a presentation to a group of teachers who are aspiring to become principals. Slide1

We talked about what it means to transition from the classroom to administration, the roles of school leadership, and the to-do’s of interviewing for openings.

One of the teachers asked me: “How do I answer the question, ‘What do you have to bring to our team that will improve our school?'” She explained the question bothered her because it seemed to imply she was expected to know what was broken or wrong with the school and how she should fix it. Continue reading

Why Do You Lead? 3 Responses To Consider

A few nights ago as I let the dog out one last time, I noticed an eery glow in the night sky. A blanket of fresh snow was covering our neighborhood, and the all-encompassing-white was casting a hazy light on all its surroundings.

Photo Original

Photo Original

Even though the sky was pencil-led gray, the brightness of the white-covered landscape made it seem like the houses, trees, cars, and roads were lit-up with dull, overhead lamps. Continue reading