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10 Steps For Publishing Weekly Student Newsletters

For the past two school years, I have put together a collection of updates, photos, highlights, and announcements that I email to parents in a weekly newsletter.
As positive as this outreach has been, this year I decided to reach out to one of our computer teachers and his Desktop Publishing students to see if they would be able to manage a weekly student publication.

Last week we released their first edition. If you want to see a copy from these Desktop Publishing students, go here to check it out. Continue reading

3 C’s For Navigating A New School Year

This summer I had the privilege of traveling to Washington, D.C. with my superintendent. At our district’s opening meeting with staff, he told a story about one morning when we decided to paddle a kayak on the Potomac near Roosevelt Island.
As we settled into our boat, we both began to paddle in separate directions: two leaders in one boat can sometimes create lots of waves while not moving very far.

Finally, we agreed that paddling together would be a lot more effective than each of us trying to separately navigate the course. As I rowed in front, and he provided steering in the rear, we were able to make good distance along the water and take in the morning sunshine along the Key Bridge near Georgetown. Continue reading

4 Cues To Remember For First Days Of School

Imagine this scenario: Billy is a ninth grader starting a new school. photo photo

His mother has dragged him through every store in town to find him new clothes for the first day. When the big day comes, he wakes up early—staring at the clock and wondering why he was up so much through the night to see what time it was.

He barely touches the favorite breakfast his mother has made, and then he straps on his new backpack ready to go. Before he heads out the door, his mom takes his photo to post on Facebook. He already has his schedule from the orientation meeting he attended the week before. Continue reading

The Power of Gratitude (Who Is Packing Your Parachute?)

Last week I found a handwritten card in my box at school.
It was from a student who will be a senior this coming school year.

In the note, she was telling me thank you for the ways we had helped “pack her parachute” during her years at SHS. Inside the envelope, she had placed a cut-out piece of parachute cloth and a folded up copy of this excerpt by Charlie Plumb: Continue reading