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PMP:02 One Day In The Life of a Principal

In the 2nd episode of Principal Matters Podcast, I share an inspiring story from a world-record swimmer and discuss the essential elements leaders need for serving others. Then I run through a typical day in the life of a principal.Principal Matters Artwork This is a great introduction for aspiring school leaders or for seasoned ones who want reminders on why their work matters. Listen in for ideas on the perseverance and relationships necessary to do work that matters.

This week’s show-notes include: Continue reading

Principal Matters: The School Leader’s Podcast, Episode 1

I recorded this first episode at the beginning of school so that I could remember that important steps to take all-year-long for a successful school year. Principal Matters Artwork I describe two separate scenarios for students during their first day of school and the important cues educators must recognize and create.

Also, I talk about three C’s: Communication, Conversations, and Culture and how they affect the climate of the school on day one.

Here are highlights or show-notes from Episode 1: Continue reading

Giving Encouragement For the Holidays

When I was a boy, my father rigged up a large water barrel to use as a solar-heated hot water source.
smileHe wasn’t environmentally friendly. We just lived a simple life in the backwoods of West Tennessee.

Until we had an actual hot water heater, Dad’s makeshift one perched on a small rise of red dirt just outside our basement home. He had welded a water handle to the base of it where he connected a garden hose. Once it was filled with water, he would place the metal lid on top and let the sun do its work of warming it. Continue reading

What Are You Willing To Do For It?

A couple of weeks ago, I was standing in the high school commons when one of our military recruiters had set up a table to hand out items to interested students.
For years I’ve watched recruiters talk to kids who stop by tables for information. But this time, a steady line of students was crowding around his table. When I made my way over, I saw boys and girls doing push-ups in exchange for lanyards, water bottles, or other memorabilia as reward. What surprised me was the energy, passion, and excitement they were showing for earning something so small in value. Continue reading

3 Resources For Practicing Gratitude Year-Round

Having just enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday, I came across a number of helpful resources that still have me thinking about gratitude.
One is from an interesting NPR story, another from a motivational speaker, and the third from an inspiring sermon. So I thought I’d share quick summaries of each so that you can keep practicing gratitude, not just during the holidays, but all year long: Continue reading