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“Will Parker was the highlight of our conference. His keynote and breakout sessions provided our group with professional development that could not have been more poignant. He spoke to the teachers about the message of their classroom and how they communicate with their students. He then flipped right around and spoke to a standing room only group of administrators about the hats they have to wear to be a successful leader. I can’t tell you the number of people who approached me to thank me for bringing Will Parker to the conference. If you would like a brilliant, approachable, and engaging speaker for your next PD, there is only one choice…Will Parker.” 

Tomas Mascaluso

President – Nevada Association of Career and Technical Education

“Our staff has been inspired by new ideas, provided motivation, and given practices that have grown their capacity better to serve students, teachers, and the community. Without any reservation, I strongly recommend Will Parker and his developed content to support campus and district leaders.” 

Brent Jaco

Pecos Barstow Toyah Independent School District

“Will’s approach engages each leader in the development critical leadership skills. Using guided reflections, book studies, sharing best practices, and the principles contained in his books, his sessions allow leaders to reflect and improve their approach to leadership and engaging staff, students, and the community. Our school leaders look forward to each meeting and have requested that we continue to offer Will’s program.” 

Shelia P. Vitale

Esq. Director Office of Ohio School Sponsorship

“Will’s ability to understand the needs within the district and strategize about how to fill those needs creating opportunities for growth and sustainability of that growth is embedded in his practice. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Will.” 

Dr. Mary Beth Bowling

Superintendent of Schools, Archdiocese of Louisville

“Will Parker was a wonderful presenter at our 2017 Leadership Academy. His genuine concern for the well-being of students and educators alike was clear in his presentation. Will wove innovative methodologies with common sense management philosophies to give our participants solid advice moving forward in their leadership roles. Having an award-winning leader present information in such a warm, authentic, and accessible way contributed greatly to the success of our event.” 

Melissa Hollen

Federal Programs Director, Berkeley County Schools, Martinsburg, West Virginia

“Will Parker’s background as an awarding winner practitioner made him an incredible hit with Minnesota principals. Will uses real-world challenges and emerging research to connect with his audience. Will not only was able to establish key learning and growth goals for our members but also cited innovative techniques to help principals grow, learn and lead. Highly recommended and an impactful presentation! 

Dave Adney

Executive Director, Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals

“Thank you for an engaging session! I was so energized for the rest of the day.  In reviewing the preliminary comments that are coming in on the feedback survey, I can assure you the principals felt the same!” 

Amy Nall

Ed.S. Assistant Superintendent, Archdiocese of Louisville

“William’s words were powerful and his advice of telling your story on social media changed a communities perception of a school which had been impacted by trauma and negativity for many years. The continued impact endures in students, staff, families and community members. As a leader I have never been directly impacted by such transformational change which occurred through stories. William continues to impact Dimmitt Middle School and we are thankful for the stories he shared with all the Renton School District leaders.” 

Gioia Pitts

Chief of Secondary Schools, Renton School District, Greater Seattle Area, Washington

“Thank you for coming to Seattle to spend time with our principals! Their feedback about your presentation is overwhelmingly positive. Great job!” 

Damien Pattenaude

Superintendent at Renton School District, Greater Seattle Area, Washington 

“Will did an amazing job for our Kansas school leaders. He was engaging, funny, and on target with his message. Will is able to convey his message from his own experiences and through the stories he shares. I would highly recommend Will for your next workshop or conference.”

G.A. Buie

United School Administrators of Kansas

“Will’s knowledge of concepts of digital professionalism and its place in contemporary education/workforce is tremendous. His skill in delivering this timely information is superb! He has an art of engaging students, educators, and administrators. Will’s sincerity will endear you to his thoughtful message of improving student success.” 

Michelle Metcalf

Counselor, Tulsa Technology Center

“Will is the ‘real deal’ in authenticity and character…Will shares from the heart with humility, humor, and enthusiasm. I would strongly encourage any school district to make the investment to utilize Will Parker for professional development.” 

Chad Coomer

Glenpool District Curriculum Director

If you want someone who is a practicing school leader to inspire, motivate, and provide resources for the educators in your organization, you will not be disappointed in Will. I have known him for years and watched him develop as an educator, a school leader, and now as a speaker. It is my pleasure to endorse him!”

Dr. Vickie Williams

Retired Executive Director, Oklahoma Association of Secondary School Principals