Will’s Interviews

Learning from one another is one the most valuable ways to grow professionally and personally.


That’s why I am thrilled to share the exchanges I have had with leaders within my field as as other successful leaders within their own.

Interested in being interviewed or have a great guest to recommend? Email me at Williamdp {at} gmail {dot} com to submit a request or recommendation.

The following are great guests I have had the privilege of interviewing:



Annette Breaux, teacher, speaker,  co-author with Todd Whitaker of The Ten-Minute Inservice



Justin Baeder, former principal and founder of The Principal Center, consultant for school leaders



Jeet Banerjee, creator of great scholarship site, Statfuse.com




Sandra Clement, Texas Middle School Principal of the Year




Mitchell Curry, Principal of Scott Morgan Johnson Middle School in McKinney, Texas, a 2013 “Breakthrough School”.




Carol Dweck, world-renowned researcher,
author, and professor at Stanford University




Tim Elmore, author/speaker/founder of GrowingLeaders.com




Jon Gordon, author of Energy Bus/motivational speaker




James Holifield, Indiana Middle School Principal of the Year




James Johnston, Oregon Middle School Principal of the Year


Dan Kerr


Daniel Kerr, International Principal and Blogger




Mark Mambretti, New York State Middle School Principal of the Year



Steven Parker, Virginia Middle School Principal of the Year




Ruby Payne, author of Understanding Poverty/founder of aha! Process




Mark Scharenbroich, author/speaker/founder of NiceBike.com



Shawn Sheehan, 2016 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, founder of #TeachLikeMe.




Rachel Skerritt, Principal Ambassador Fellow for the U.S. Department of Education


National picture


Mona Smith, Oklahoma Assistant Principal of the Year




Doug Stafford, Oklahoma Middle School Principal of the Year




Daniel Wong, author of Happy Student, and speaker


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