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10 Ways to Communicate About Your School

Recently, on a Twitter feed, I saw the quote: Communication is 100% of what a principal does.


Photo credit: SidVicious08

Although this may seem like an exaggeration, I believe it is true of almost all educators, especially school leaders.

This past weekend, I was attending a school event, when a parent stopped me to say thanks for a recent group email I had sent. Then another parent stopped me and said the same. Then I received a nice thank-you email the next day too.

Believe me, I still get lots emails, phone calls, and visits about concerns, but it is refreshing to also receive positive feedback from parents. And I am convinced this doesn’t happen by accident.

When it comes to communication, there is no silver bullet, but there are many tools you can use. Based on the practices at my school, here is a list of 10 ways you can keep those lines of positive communication open with your parents, students, and community: Continue reading