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PMP:099 Collaborating for Results – Interview with Dr. Judi Barber

This Christmas break, I took the family to see the newest Star Wars movie.

Photo by SarahCartwright – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License https://www.flickr.com/photos/80912889@N00

If you haven’t seen it, please note the forthcoming spoiler alert. In the opening scene, Jedi-in-training, Rey, has journeyed to the planet where the retired Luke Skywalker, has hidden himself away from the universe and its troubles. She climbs the heights to his hidden village and finds him meditating on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Rey introduces herself: “I’m from the Resistance,” she says, “Leia sent me. We need your help.” To her surprise the elder Luke refuses to help and walks away. And thus, begins the most important conflict of “The Last Jedi” as Rey must find a way to convince Luke to train her and help her save the Rebellion. Thankfully, Luke finally begins training her and then takes the steps necessary to save the universe.

You can see the movie for yourself, but I had that opening scene in mind last week I traveled two hours from Tulsa to the backroads in Grove, Oklahoma. I was on my way to see a Jedi-master-in-education.

I wound my way up a long driveway to beautiful home nestled on a bay above Grand Lake. Standing on the front porch was Dr. Judi Barber and her husband Dennis. After a cup of coffee and some catching up, I asked Judi if I could interview her. This was her 50th year as an education leader, and I had sat under her teaching and coaching in my early years of school admin. She had agreed days before to letting me capture an audio recording of our conversation. Continue reading

Principal Matters: The School Leader’s Podcast, Episode 1

I recorded this first episode at the beginning of school so that I could remember that important steps to take all-year-long for a successful school year. Principal Matters Artwork I describe two separate scenarios for students during their first day of school and the important cues educators must recognize and create.

Also, I talk about three C’s: Communication, Conversations, and Culture and how they affect the climate of the school on day one.

Here are highlights or show-notes from Episode 1: Continue reading