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PMP:063 Reflecting on Regrets & Rewards

I was listening to an interview between Daniel Bauer and Jethro Jones the other day on Daniel’s Better Leaders, Better Schools podcast.

Photo by Alan O’Rourke – Creative Commons Attribution License https://www.flickr.com/photos/33524159@N00

Daniel asked Jethro, an Alaska principal, “What is one of your regrets from your time at your school?” I really liked Jethro’s response because he focused on how relationships were such an important part of his work, and he wished he had been able to better bridge the gap with some of his colleagues.

As important as it is to celebrate our wins with students, it is also a good reality check at times to reflect on where we wish we could improve. Continue reading

PMP:060 How Mindfulness Influences Leadership

A few nights ago, I was sitting on the couch with my wife, Missy, when our four children slowly made their way into the living room.

Photo by Patr!c!a – Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License https://www.flickr.com/photos/25439875@N04

Our lives are so busy with three teenage girls and an eleven-year-old boy that we rarely find time to all be together these days. Emily, our oldest, came and sat on the floor so she could get “mommy scratches” while she played on her iPhone. Mattie, our second oldest, was across the room. She had placed her laptop on the piano bench with a video of dancers from the musical Beauty and the Beast, and she danced along practicing moves.

Katie, our third girl, was on the opposite couch with her guitar. She was playing a version of Hello from the Other Side while Emily was humming harmonies along with her. And then there was Jack with a snack of cheese crackers on the table. With a cracker in his mouth, he was everywhere: sometimes carrying his basketball, moving it between his legs or bouncing it. Or he’d sit on the couch and hum along with the music and then jump back up for another cracker. Continue reading

3 Resources For Practicing Gratitude Year-Round

Having just enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday, I came across a number of helpful resources that still have me thinking about gratitude.
One is from an interesting NPR story, another from a motivational speaker, and the third from an inspiring sermon. So I thought I’d share quick summaries of each so that you can keep practicing gratitude, not just during the holidays, but all year long: Continue reading

A Moment For Gratitude

Saturday I was up early to drive my fourteen-year-old daughter to band practice at the school.

Image credit: Stephen Bowler, Creative Commons

Image credit: Stephen Bowler, Creative Commons

On our way, the pink fingers of clouds were stretching hellos from the eastern horizon, misty clouds were rising from the fields and ponds, and my daughter was rubbing makeup on her pretty complexion while she peered into the sunshade’s mirror.

When she was safely dropped off, I came home and sautéed onions in an iron skillet, and scrambled in some eggs and cheese. After breakfast, my wife Missy and I went for a seven mile bike ride to the park and back. The wind was cool, the sun bright, and the day was young. Continue reading