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PMP:092 Making ‘First Days’ Every Day, Using Key Responsibility Areas, and Helping Students Flourish

One of my favorite illustrations of the brain is not from a science magazine.

It is from a Mercedes Benz advertisement. In it you see a painting of the brain with the left side showing scaffolds, numbers, and graphs–a sample of analytical thinking. The right side of the brain is painted with vivid colors, swirls, and faces–an explosion of creativity.

I like to think of that brain illustration when I talk about school leadership because I believe strong leaders must consistently use both sides of their brains. You must have strong processes, procedures, and guidelines in place (left side of brain) while you also encouraging relationships, creativity, and innovation (right side of the brain).

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PMP:019 Key Responsibility Areas for Your School Team

When I transitioned from teaching to school admin, I was surprised at the many moving parts outside the classroom that keep schools running smoothly.
Even with all the ways I prepared, it still took me a long time to begin understanding for the multiple job descriptions I was responsible to oversee. Over time, I discovered the importance of identifying and writing down the key responsibility areas of my team members. Episode 19 is all about helping you discover how a simple process involving KRA’s can help any school management team.

Check out the original blog posts I wrote about KRA’s in Part 1 and Part 2.

Here are the show-notes for Episode 19

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