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PMP:091 Reflecting on Lessons in Leadership

One of my favorite ways to enjoy a long drive is by listening to podcasts or audio-books.

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And I especially find biographies a helpful way to learn lessons about life and leadership.
Two audiobooks that I’ve enjoyed in my drives may sound like they have nothing in common: Seabiscuit: An American Legend by Lauren Hillenbrand and The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris.

As vastly different as the stories of a horse and former President can be, I find that both of them are full of similarities in the kinds of challenges, risk, courage, and strategies necessary to achieve goals and dreams. As you think about your own school leadership, how can you take lessons from those around you (both in person and in history) to reflect on ways to keep growing and learning? Continue reading

PMP:017 Leadership Lessons from the Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

Studying other leaders can help give us insights and lessons that influence our own.
From another great historic read, Episode 17 looks at the life of the legendary Theodore Roosevelt, taken from Edmund Morris’s biography, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.

Listen in for 8 inspiring takeaways from his early life! Here’s a link to the original post that accompanies this audio version.

Episode 17 Show-Notes

Morris’s biography of Roosevelt paints the picture of a boy who began life frail and sickly, who developed his mind and imagination through reading and travel, who beat all odds through intense self-improvement, and who lived a life of eagerness to fight at every opportunity: Continue reading

3 Lessons In Managing Under Pressure

When I was in high school and college, my brothers and I worked part-time diving for mussell shells in the Kentucky Lake area.

Photo credit: Kenneth Frizzell

Photo credit: Kenneth Frizzell

We would sell them by the pound at local markets, and those shells would in turn be sold to Japanese markets. Apparently, the pearly-white cuts from those shells are unique implants for growing cultured pearls in oysters.

One day I was climbing across the bottom of an area that was ten to twelve feet deep. As I found shells, I’d place them in a net-bag I had clipped to one side of my weight belt. As always, the only sounds I could hear were the hissing breaths from my regulator. Continue reading