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PMP:073 Three Takeaways for Your Leadership Journey

Recently I was speaking to school leaders at Okaloosa County Schools’ Summer Leadership Academy in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

Photo by FotoFloridian – Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License https://www.flickr.com/photos/135492105@N03

I decided to combine my travels there with an opportunity for my family to stay at the beach. My wife and I loaded up all four kids in a Dodge Caravan, and we hit the road. We had a lot of fun putting our toes in the sand, playing in the waves, and just being together.

It takes 13 hours to reach Ft. Walton Beach from our town in Oklahoma. So we also had lots of time for thought, reflection, music and podcasts. We also had much to talk about as a family. My children have always known their dad as either a teacher or school administrator. And this past week after I made the announcement that I will be the new Executive Director for OASSP and OMLEA, there were lots of conversations about how the new job may affect our lives and schedules. Continue reading

PMP:03 Purpose-Driven Leadership

In this podcast episode, I share some helpful research on how business strategy is more profitable when you understand the meaning in your product.
Principal Matters Artwork
How does this relate to education? And how can school leaders benefit when you take a closer look at your own motivations?

This audio post was originally based on my blog post Purpose Motivated Leadership.

Here are show-notes for Episode 3: Continue reading

Purpose Motivated Leadership

Recently, I was listening to an EntreLeadership Podcast interview of Lisa Earle McLeod discussing her book Selling With Noble Purpose. Clear-Sense-Of-Purpose

The premise of the conversation was that in corporations, the sales reps who make up the top 2% of highest achievers share a surprising similarity: without exception, each one was motivated more by purpose than profit.

And guess what? In the process, they profited more!

I find the same is true in school. Continue reading