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PMP:Encore06 – Essential Questions for a New School Year (& Predicting the Weather)

How are you anticipating the start of a new school year?

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This week I wanted to share some thoughts from a previous post as reminders for your new school year:

Predicting Your School Climate

Sometimes my left elbow aches. I have a scar there from when I broke it falling from a horse almost twenty years ago. When it starts hurting, I can usually be certain the weather will turn stormy. My aching elbow reminds me of another story. When I was a boy, I often helped on my Granddad’s family farm. His brother was my Uncle Jimmy. One day Uncle Jimmy and I were driving in his pick-up truck. The windows were down, and I was hanging my arm out of it and playing in the breeze as we rumbled down the gravel roadway. Continue reading