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PMP:065 Celebration Ideas for Finishing The School Year

Last month I was asked to share a webinar on how to prepare for our state’s accreditation visits. I decided to begin the conversation with the practical steps we take with my school team on sharing, planning, scheduling, and compiling for accountability.

Photo by chiaralily – Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License https://www.flickr.com/photos/26870279@N04

Half way through the webinar, however, I switched gears and talked about celebration ideas our students and teachers had embraced for finishing the school year with enthusiasm. One way my school’s student leaders wanted to end the year was by doing something to help others. They designed an amazing idea called BARK week. Our school mascot is the Bulldog, so the theme fit perfectly.


Here’s an explanation our student council sponsor shared a month in advance: Continue reading

Giving Encouragement For the Holidays

When I was a boy, my father rigged up a large water barrel to use as a solar-heated hot water source.
smileHe wasn’t environmentally friendly. We just lived a simple life in the backwoods of West Tennessee.

Until we had an actual hot water heater, Dad’s makeshift one perched on a small rise of red dirt just outside our basement home. He had welded a water handle to the base of it where he connected a garden hose. Once it was filled with water, he would place the metal lid on top and let the sun do its work of warming it. Continue reading