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PMP:063 Reflecting on Regrets & Rewards

I was listening to an interview between Daniel Bauer and Jethro Jones the other day on Daniel’s Better Leaders, Better Schools podcast.

Photo by Alan O’Rourke – Creative Commons Attribution License https://www.flickr.com/photos/33524159@N00

Daniel asked Jethro, an Alaska principal, “What is one of your regrets from your time at your school?” I really liked Jethro’s response because he focused on how relationships were such an important part of his work, and he wished he had been able to better bridge the gap with some of his colleagues.

As important as it is to celebrate our wins with students, it is also a good reality check at times to reflect on where we wish we could improve. Continue reading

Celebrating Collaboration and the Ability to Fly

Last week I flew to the NASSP annual conference in Orlando with connecting flights in Dallas.

Image Source: www.wikihow.com

Image Source: www.wikihow.com

As I boarded my flight home, my mind was filled with new ideas about school, and I began comparing the process of flying to the process of collaboration.

Sometimes when I fly, I feel like the only one on-board who is paying attention to the experience. Perhaps I’m intrigued because I fly so infrequently, or maybe it’s because I’m a teacher at heart. Either way, my fellow passengers usually appear to be sleeping, reading, or staring at phones while I’m all eyes and ears. Continue reading